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and the winners are . . .

Wow! 2010 was a fabulous year for Ron and Hermione! The fic and artwork were amazing, and you are all to be congratulated!! Also, we – your mods – would like to thank all of you, not only those of you who wrote and/or created artwork, but also those of you who have supported them, those who contributed nominated, and everyone who voted for his or her favorites. We couldn't have done this without everyone's contributions.

And for everyone who received a nomination, you're all winners, and if you haven't already taken it, please have this banner and pimp your awesomeness:

Nominee Banner

And now I get the privilege of announcing the winners of the 2010 rhr_awards, honoring so many of you fantastic writers and artists and overall R/Hr fans:

Collapse )

Thank you again to everyone who participated in every capacity. We ask that you please don't hot link your banners, and if you find any error in your banner, please let us know, and we'll get it fixed ASAP. Finally, since it's still up and running, we'll bookmark all of the nominated fics and art to our Delicious site: http://delicious.com/RonHermioneAwards
(but please, give me a few days to get them linked).

And now, until next year … ♥
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Happy Birthday, Ron!

Happy Birthday to our favorite red-head, the one and only Ron Weasley!

Okay guys, the banners are almost ready, but we won't be able to make the post until the afternoon/evening EST. We had originally planned to have them up very early on March 1st (about now)... but since we increased the number categories there are a lot of banners to get done and my laptop decided it needed a break.

But stay tuned because the winners and runner-ups will be announced soon, it's only a matter of hours. Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted. We're thrilled with the turnout and the results. :)
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Don't forget to vote...

Voting polls will remain open until February 25th so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite fic and art of 2010.

The banner will take you to the first voting post (Fic Categories), so after you vote make sure and click to see the next entry until you've voted in the categories. Thanks!

Please, help us spread the word. Code below, just copy and paste:

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Voting Post - Outstanding R/Hr Site - revised

I noticed another error and was made aware of another [THANK YOU!], so here is the revised poll yet again:

Outstanding Ron/Hermione Site
Simply Undeniable

This poll is closed.

Outstanding Ron/Hermione Site

[yep, that's what I get for posting these at 2am]
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Classic Categories voting posts to be coming tomorrow

I apologize for the lateness of the polls being posted, but I have had major computer issues tonight, and I ended up having to re-create the code for the polls. There is still a problem with the Classics code, and since I can't function at work without sleep, it will be tomorrow night before I can make that post.

But the other categories are up, so please go forth and vote! :)