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The Final Chapter

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The Ron/Hermione Awards - The Best of 2010
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The rhr_awards recognizes the best of Ron/Hermione fanfiction and fanart for 2010!

The timeline for this year's awards is as follows:

Nominations - January 10 - January 25
Notifying/Verifying - January 26 - February 5
Voting - February 7 - February 25
Winners Announced - March 1 [in honor of our dear Ron's 30th birthday]

More specific details and rules regarding the nomination and voting processes COMING SOON.

The maintainers for rhr_awards are harrysmom, queenb23more, and pili204; all questions/comments may be emailed to rhr.awards@gmail.com. If you wish to keep updated on any information, you may click here to watch the community for further developments.

All Nominees of All Previous Cycles are Here at the R/Hr Awards delicious.com account.

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